December 16 2014

Grandweld shipyards successfully delivered the first Crane/Workboat, named KOC El-Kout (Imo 9688532), for Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) on the 15th December 2014. The contract was signed in February 2013 to design and build a series of four heavy-duty Crane / Workboat class vessels to meet the specific needs of KOC. The vessels were designed by Grandweld and model tested before starting production.

The vessels are designed for unrestricted duties and for tasks such as lifting and moving heavy equipment, oil-pollution control, SPM hose handling, FO/FW supply to remote areas, and other similar duties. These vessels are powered by 2 x 1068KW medium speed main engines driving Azimuthing Stern Thrusters with Controllable Pitch Propellers. The engines are supported by Condition Based Monitoring System to monitor the engines and propulsion system through satellite. Each vessel is equipped with a crane in the forward area of the vessel capable of lifting 20 tons at 10 meters radius.

The vessel is also fitted with a bow thruster to enhance the vessel’s maneuverability. The vessel achieved bollard pull of more than 35 tons and speed of more than 11.9 knots during sea trials much above its contractual requirement.

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