August 17 2022

The launch of ‘Stanford Pelican’, Stanford Marine’s crew boat under construction at Grandweld Shipyards, took place at Dubai Maritime City on Aug 16th 2022 in the presence of officials from both companies. The vessel is scheduled to be delivered by mid-Sept 2022.
Stanford Pelican is a GrandSuperior series design crew boat, a new design of 42 m crew boats developed by Grandweld with a clear deck area of 100 m2, seating capacity of 80 seats and can achieve a speed of 24 to 26 kts. With a low draft of 1.82 m, high speed and good seating capacity, Stanford Pelican is an ideal vessel for
offshore support operations in the shallow waters of the Middle East. Stanford Pelican is one of the two crew boats being built at Grandweld Shipyards, Stanford Harrier the second crew boat is scheduled to be launched by Mid-October.


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